Wednesday, December 5, 2007


First, Danielle Pafunda is featured today (Wednesday) on Verse Daily.  She's got a collection called My Zorba coming from Bloof in the Spring.  Yup.

Ada Limón has some new work up at La Fovea.  I'd never seen this journal before, but I'm really digging how it works.  Pretty interesting and fun-sounding editorial process.

I believe the hunt for the gas tank for my 1982 Honda cb650 has ended.  Parts are moving across the ground via trucks as we speak...or as I type and as you read, whoever you are.  I spoke with a guy in Kansas at a junk yard who told me that if he had the tank it would be dinged and dented and rusted and he's charge me around $450 because it's a really difficult tank to find because it was only used on three years of bikes, and that one model (the cb650 or the cb650 Custom).  Of course, there will be photographs.  

This morning has Urbana's first real serious dusting of snow.  It's kinda nice.  We'll see how much I like it when I have to walk in it.  

Claude McKay's The White City   

I will not toy with it nor bend an inch.
Deep in the secret chambers of my heart
I muse my life-long hate, and without flinch
I bear it nobly as I live my part.
My being would be a skeleton, a shell,
If this dark Passion that fills my every mood,
And makes my heaven in the white world's hell, 
Did not forever feed me vital blood.
I see the mighty city through a mist--
The strident trains that speed the goaded mass,
The poles and spires and towers vapor-kissed,
The fortressed port through which the great ships pass,
The tides, the wharves, the dens I contemplate,
Are sweet like wanton loves because I hate.  

Makes me think of Milton.  Anyway.


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