Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sounds and a few sights

One thing I miss about living in central Illinois is the radio stations, particularly WILL FM on a Saturday afternoon and into the night.  San Diego has a wonderful Jazz radio station: 88.3.  Feel free to click and listen online--I did years ago when I was painting a kitchen in a house I lived in; it's a little goofy to paint in Illinois November and hear a weather report from Downtown SD.  

Also been listening to Folk Alley, Minn. Public Radio, MPR's Heartland Radio, and the Bachelor Pad outta WEFT in Champaign, IL.  All good stuff, and everything except the last one are available through an iphone.  

Meanwhile, you might have noticed a little shuffling around here.  I've added a blogroll to the side to change things up a bit.  If you happen to use this blog to link to other folks, I hope it helps. If you want me to add an artist, lemme know.

The Date Fruit Elegies from John Olivares Espinoza is on it's way to the door.  I'm pretty stoked.  Hear good things.

A poem from Franz Wright's God's Silence:

A Happy Thought

Assuming this is the last day of my life
(which might mean it is almost the first),
I'm struck blind but my blindness is bright.

Prepare for what's known here as death;
have no fear of that strange word forever.
Even I can see there's nothing there

to be afraid of: having already been
to forever I'm unable to recall
anything that scared me, there, or hurt.

What frightened me, apparently, and hurt
was being born.  But I got over that
with no hard feelings.  Dying, I imagine,

it will be the same deal, lonesomer maybe,
but surely no more shocking of prolonged--
It's dark as I recall, then bright, so bright.


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