Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Open for Submissions

Hi everybody,

I'd like to make a little chapbook.  A single poem, not one of my own.  Assembled by hand, and small enough to fit in your glovebox or in the back of your passport.

Not a very long poem.  Something less than 30 lines?  I'm thinking I'll make 50 or 100 of them.  If I take your poem, I'll send you a bunch of them.  I'll give the rest to people who want them.  If they're part of a forthcoming manuscript, I'll put in a note about that.  

Something previously unpublished would be cool, but if it's already appeared in a journal, and the rights have reverted back to you, I'll cite where it previously appeared.  If you have a blog or website, I'll include the plug for that in a brief bio.  

If that sounds cool, email something for me to consider: adam.s.deutsch(at)  Start the subject like with "One poem by".


PS - If you submit a poem, include a mailing address, I'll send you one of the finished products, even if it ain't your poem. :)

UPDATE: These won't be photocopied/kinkos kinda things.  I will be hand making each one, and from recycled/discarded/found materials.  Each cover will feature original art, and each piece will be unique.  Just letting you know.  


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