Thursday, February 26, 2009

Glovebox Poems & Stuff

First, a little birdy dropped a copy of John Olivares Espinoza's The Date Fruit Elegies into my lap.  Definitely one of the best book of poems I've been slipped since leaving the dept. mailbox behind.  The second poem in the first section just about made me cry: definitely worth something special.  My favorite poem is "Love Simple."  Maybe he'll let me make a Glovebox Poem out of it.

"What's a Glovebox Poem?" you ask.  

They're what I'm gonna call the little handmade mini-books I put a call for out last week.  If you missed the details, here they are again, in a more concise format:

- For length, I'd love it if the piece fits vertically on half a piece of standard 8.5" x 11" paper in a font size that's not too tiny for the average person's eyes.

- Poems can be unpublished, but previously published poems are just fine too. If they are previously published, please tell me in what journal and what issue, so I can give credit. [I include this because there have been times when I've wished a revision could make it out there again.  Because this is a different medium than a journal, and as long as rights have reverted back to you, I think it's all right. Besides, clearly I dig the taste of those previous editors, and am happy to promote their fine journal while I promote your kick-ass art.]

- Email them to adam.s.deutsch(at), with "Glovebox Poem by" in the title.  

- I'll be making these by hand with as many found materials as possible, so please be patient. 

Because this is the first time I'm doing this, and have no idea how they'll come out, I'm gonna just give them away.  I'll mail a free copy of the finished product to everyone who sends me their address in their submission.   I'll put a stack of them in the mail to the person whose poem I select to make the Glovebox Poem for. I'll make as many as I can (shooting for between 50 & 100)

This first one will feature cover art by a local stencil artist who doesn't want to be identified at this time so that they don't get scooped up by the fuzz.  

Find these guidelines and news on the project at


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