Friday, February 20, 2009

Get Your HOBART On

I've decided I'm gonna spend a healthy portion of today outside.  But before I step out into the sun, I wanted to remind you about Hobart:

* Submissions for the print journal are again open!
For the coming months, we will only be reading stories for our next
theme issue: The Great Outdoors! so send us stories about getting

* We are also now reading for our annual web baseball issue. Send us
short fiction and essays and even haiku(s) about baseball!

Mary Miller's BIG WORLD!
* We sold the hell out of these at AWP and, basically, if you don't
already own one, you are letting yourself down. It's been getting
great praise all over the place, and rightfully so: the stories will
kick your ass, in the best of ways, and it looks (if we may brag for
just a second) pretty damn amazing.

And we're off.


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