Monday, September 3, 2007

A Day of Intense Labor

What I've learned this weekend:
- "Brisket" from the campus butcher shop is actually more like a prime rib or a pot roast. Too lean for all the fatty goodness to melt into the rest of Mom's wonderful recipe, so that it all just falls apart after 5 hours in the oven.

-Without warning, poems in my manuscript will up and eat the poem next to it. It's kinda cool to watch, like when you have, say, a bunch of bananas in the fridge that have turned brown at the tops while at the same time you're almost out of yogurt, and you're hungry, but don't quite know which to eat, but then you cut up the bananas and just put them in the yogurt, thus creating a meal better than both of the other things. Yeah, I did this the other day. And, yes, I like yogurt. It's tasty and kinda cheap.

- I long to be an English Department Head with a very large chair.
- Manuscripts titles are difficult to come up with, though entertaining to throw around the apartment.

-Writing a Teaching Philosophy is not very easy, especially because there is no 1 right way to write it. It's like an erector-set, which is way more complicated than Legos, and I only had Legos when I was a kid.

That's how it is.
Waiting for Adam Clay's book, and also Maurice Manning's.


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