Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Not Even Sure What Day It Is

Big Game Books is taking submission for their Tiny side Series. You know I submitted! You should too--or at go there and pick up some awesome little poetry-stuffs.

Sleeping Giant has new downloads for those who love the beats. I crank this in the studio while preparing envelopes to keep me in academia.

It's supposed to maybe rain today, so no riding. But I am going to walk, and feel like I've got an itch to listen to the latest Kid Koala. Or Frank Zappa. The downside of riding a motorcycle is the lack of a radio. The upswing: I sing while I drive. Croon, really. My helmet is like a little practice room, just for me.

I've put my Underwood Master up on craigslist. Hope it finds a new home. "If you love something, set it free"...and all. Only it's really heavy, so someone's got to carry it.

What's going on out there?


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