Friday, September 21, 2007

Week Ends

Drove to Indy and back today, and I'll do it again on Sunday. Driving is one of the best things I do. They're renovating the damn that I pass and always say "DAMN!" I gots a poem about it. If it gets taken, I'll let you know all about.

Also, my first typewriter now belongs to Davenport:

I have faith he'll use it well. And with 4 daughters, my sense is that it'll be admired and preserved. If he had a son and it was anything like I was when I was young, it would be in pieces by yesterday.

I've relinquished the Underwood for the Remington. It's not for any real reason other than that I felt myself too attached to the Underwood, and I don't think it's healthy to be that invested in inanimate objects. So, I pass them along, and find new things to use. And the Underwood is really heavy and a little intimidating. BEHOLD!:

It's nice. I've already written a poem; happened immediately after I ate my own brand of soul-food. My soul is carnivores and thirsty.

That's a few slices of Dubliner on the side. Hell yes. Pick some up, and make someone you love happy, if only yourself.

And there we are. Matt came over, and we read poems to each other. Not only do we like similar stuff, but we also enjoy each other's work, and that makes me happy to have him around. Plus he reads Latin, Greek, Sanskrit and Hebrew...which means he almost understands everything I say with my accent and hip lingo. Hip, I say.

It's bed time. Tomorrow's agenda: feed a cat; get fresh bread; make steak and eggs; purchase a new bottle of scotch.


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