Monday, September 17, 2007

A Whole New Week

I like putting up photos by Lillian, so here's another one:

(that's my red-booted foot next to Matt-in-black. We're definitely talking about something of poetic wonder and gettin' all intellectual 'n shizz. Doesn't 9L have a nice floor?)

Priorities for this week include applying to jobs, waxing and photographing motorcycle for insurance purposes, and selling the first typewriter I owned. I think it's about time. I'm sure eventually I'll replace the underwood 5 with something similar in a portable version. Also, gonna ship some records to DJ Joemama as thanks for the magnificent mixtapes he shipped over to me. I recognized some of the records from back in the Gallery days.

Maybe I'll book a flight to San Diego. Maybe I'll book a flight to NYC for AWP. Maybe I'll get some responses back from journals today and then send out more. Who can tell?

It's William Carlos Williams' birthday. I'm not typing a poem for fear I'll mess it up with a typo.

Has anyone else not gotten their copy of Poetry since early/mid summer?


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