Monday, September 10, 2007

New Books and Nightmares

Just got and read Adam Clay's The Wash. I feel like it's a book of psalms, some of which speak right at me, and others that speak to the lessons I haven't begun to understand I'll learn. Something like that. That idea might be my own, or it might be influenced by the psalm poems he's got in the latest Quarterly West (previously linked to). Anyway. Yes.

Meanwhile, I was going to jump right over to Bucolics by Maurice Manning, but started laughing when I saw on the inside dust jacket the price followed by "/Higher In Canada." Makes me wonder if Canadian booksellers get to make up an arbitrary price for American editions of Bucolics. Alas, I don't think I'll read it just yet. Maybe tomorrow. Hardcovers make me feel like it should knock around in my bag for a little bit before I get into it.

I had a horrible dream in the 2am hour of last night that I totally lost it at The Fixx. I don't see that happening on the 27th, but it was kinda terrifying. But Amy sent me an email that was all "there there, it's ok" and tucked me in. Go dig her latest guest-post over at Jewcy.

Think I finished my Teaching Philosophy today. Now I get to hit the market. Anyone wanna give me some Tenure?

Oh. She doesn't use the internet so well, but Mom's reading my blog now. HI MOM!


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