Friday, September 21, 2007

Plug and Meditations

(photo by Lillian)
Arley read from her new novel Post yesterday, and it was fantastic. Full room, Q&A with unexpected nuggets of joy. I forget that I really have almost no idea what the fiction-people are up to, how they write, all that stuff. If you want to check this new title out, google around or click here if you're all about the amazon.

Ever get a nice note asking you to send more, but when you look at the poems you sent, you kinda think that they were maybe your "best" ones? Me too.

Weekend is full of meditations: drives to Indy Airport and back, disassemble L.C. Smith typewriter, replace the rear seal on Lara's transmission. It'll be good. I need these things. Been misplacing energy like crazy lately.


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