Monday, February 16, 2009

The Take...that wasn't.

Had I been at AWP Chicago, I'd have made it a mission to pick up, at least, the following:

The Book of Props by Wayne Miller
The latest print annual of Painted Bride Quarterly
Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith

I'd also have renewed by subscription to Poetry, dropped a bunch of dough with BOA and waited until Greywolf did their wonderful mark-down on the last day.  I would have also spent some time with Barn Owl Review, Ninth Letter, and would have been perched at Black Lawrence Press.

Click here for Jill Essbaum's tab for the weekend.
And Reb Livingston was there too. 
And Brent Goodman (forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press).

I'm glad facebook is so insane that I felt like I hardly missed anything.  I even woke up on Saturday morning and said "Wow.  It's already Saturday at AWP."  Amazing how the time flies, especially when you're not there.  

I'll see you all in Denver.  Promise...or at least I'll try really hard to get there.  

And you'll see me up at No Tell Motel on Feb. 23rd.  


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