Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here and there for the Holidays

A few photos recently taken:

From the train getting into St. Louis:

KC's Union Station is a strange place.  A very large area, empty with small lights.  It's like a haunted ballroom.  I did not linger long:

Stairwell near ticket counter:

I'm told there are bullet holes in the station from the Kansas City Massacre, but I didn't find them.  I didn't really look.  Something to look forward to next time.

I got a little shopping in, thanks to a few bucks tossed to the midwest by my folks.  While I was out, I got to thinking about my bathrobe, which I got way back when I started college.  For a number of years, I didn't wear it much, but that's changed.  Thing it, it was was never, EVER really comfortable.  It kept me from being cold, but something about the fabric made it exceptionally not cozy.  

No more.  Off to Good Will it goes, along with other clothes that I just don't need in the closet.  I suppose it's something like a little holiday ritual.   

Comfort doesn't take much.  I'm comfortable with no walls and a robe.  And that about sums up the beginning of the holiday for me.  What you got going on over there?


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