Friday, December 28, 2007

Running Again

The new solution:

I plugged that little guy in, and was testing it with a bottle of gasoline and electrical jumpers to make sure it was working first, and it ticktickticked, but nothing was coming out the other end. I scratched my head, felt a bit of an I-can't-figure-this-out panic coming on. In that panic, I got suspicious of my little set up. The electrical had to be working because there was the ticking. The bottle was, in fact, holding the fuel. I took the 5 inches of hose I was using as my jump, and check it out:

Yeah. I got 4 feet of hose, and cut a length that just happened to have a blockage. Ain't that something?!

Once I took a knife to that punk, it all worked out:

Speaking of it, I'll be getting my gas tank for the bike back today. Can't really fill it up because some sealant inside is going to be curing until around 3pm. Plus, I don't have a working petcock for it yet. Yes, that's what the valve is called. I know it's a funny word.

More running? I have a new reading list. These are the places my head will be for the next few weeks:

The year ends any day now. I like 8s better than 7s, I think.

-I'm thinking 2008 might be the year to get another car.
-I've promised myself an iphone when I get a job for the fall--and when they come out with the next version, because apple's funny like that.
-Debating whether or not I like the kindle from amazon. I don't think I like that it's called "kindle" as in to set on fire. Like we're setting the paper books on fire. But maybe amazon's going for the "arouse or inspire" metaphor of fire. Or maybe they're suggesting reading a book on the kindle has something to do with the act of a rabbit giving birth. I don't know. Any thoughts?


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