Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get Your Mag On!

The new Hobart came today! More importantly, the Hobart wall calendar came in today! I had promised Editor-'n-Chieftain Aaron Burch I'd hang it in the bathroom, but I didn't like the way it looked. Plus, I didn't want it to curl from my shower-steam. Besides, doesn't it look good next to Gary Snyder's mug? You'll also notice it is set just above the percolator, so when I grind and brew, I'll be fully aware of what day it is. THANKS HOBART!

And, if you're wondering where that skillet has been, know that this delicious breakfast was prepared in it just this morning:

That's a ricotta, onion and pressed garlic omelet with hot pastrami and fresh baguette. Yum.

Strangely Hobart #8 arrived today along with the new Poetry. The All-Fiction journal I subscribe to and the All-Poetry, on the same day. Huh. But I'm sure it happened to you to. No?

Well then, click over to at least Hobart's site, and give them your money!


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