Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If You Happen Through Colorado

(Vannoy and I in 2003 at Sunset cliffs)

I've decided to get rid of my rocking chair so that I have more space in the studio to do yoga. This isn't a "new years resolution" thing. More of a "I'm moving in 6-8 months anyway, and know I'm not going to bring the chair with me, so I might as well get rid of it now" things. Also opens the place up a bit, a little more comfortable for my end-of-07 reading. Like this. and This. A little bit of this.

Which leads me to this: Mary, who taught me yoga a couple of summers ago, has a new website. It's over here. It'll keep you informed, if that's how you like to be. I'll throw it over to the right, in case you want to find her later.

The question I have for the day: What is the best translation of Rimbaud? I like the one I have, but I'm pretty wary of translators who aren't Stephen Mitchell or Ken Krabbenhauf.

Where are you doing New Years?
Maybe I'll see you at Vannoy's place? Maybe?

PS - Looky what Max's been up to!


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