Saturday, December 29, 2007


(photo taken in around '04)

Upon a little reflection, I know I'm not getting rid of my car. In fact, the idea of parting with my MG kinda up sets me. I'm way too attached to the thing. I know this.

But, here's the thing. A new car means a car that's new to me, which means used and, most likely, buying a whole new set of problems and projects. That's all, really.

You'll also notice that yesterday I wrote "another car." Not "an other." So, here's the plan:
- Get a job. Someplace warm.
- Get a garage with an apartment on top. I would buy this house.
- Have the MG and cb650 in the garage.
- Drive them.
- Save some scratch.
- Get a hybrid. Park it outside the garage.

See? The MG doesn't have to go anywhere. I'm going to drive that car until the day it dies and I can't bring it back.

Got the tank back from the shop. It's hot. Photos to come.


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