Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where To Work?

The plan for last night was supposed to be stay in, write and read a whole bunch. Then Lillian came over. Then she checked e-mail and clicked on my manuscript and started tearing through it. Matt swung by and we spent a pretty solid chunk of evening talking about my poems. I didn't get a single new word down last night, but I got some of the best feed back EVER!

Then she took photos. She's updated her website, if you like to look at pictures.

Speaking of working on poems, I need a place to work on this carburetor. No need to be on the floor of the garage, but there's only so much room in this joint. I'm going to go back into bed and figure it out.

Lots of sonnets lately. Here's on by William Matthews


"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
What the child cries out, "An Exterminator!"?
One diligent student in Mrs. Taylor's
class will get an ant farm for Christmas, but
he'll not see industry; he'll see dither.
"The ant sets an example for us all, "
wrote Max Beerbohm, a master of dawdle,
"but it is not a good one." These children
don't hope to outlast the doldrums of school
only to heft great weights and work in squads
and die for their queen. Well neither did we.
And we knew what we didn't want to be:
the ones we looked down on, the lambs of God,
blander than snow and slow to be cruel.


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