Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's Been Doing

Not much at all. Been "hanging around" the apartment for many hours a day, and the widget says Sunday's supposed to be 104 degrees. If you have time like me, try making these for your coffee:

The coffee-cubes. A favorite since 2001. Chill your mud without diluting the flava.

It's Philip Larkin's birthday. My copy of his collected is protecting the bathroom ninja from rain:

Be careful. He's watching.

And a poem by Larkin:


If I were call in
To construct a religion
I should make use of water.

Going to church
Would entail a fording
To dry, different clothes;

My liturgy would employ
Images of sousing,
A furious devout drench,

And I should raise in the east
A glass of water
Where any-angled light
Would congregate endlessly.


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