Sunday, August 26, 2007

That Simple?

First thing's first: Laurel Snyder's has another baby on the way from No Tell Books. It's called The Myth Of Simple Machines.

And speaking of simple machines, I'm all over it:
The new work-space in the garage:

The focus:

And this time, I had some help:

(Dana and Laura wanted to see the bike, so I went down to show them but then I got all curious and started taking stuff apart. Tank was full of gas, so that's Dana and I (to the left with the head-tilt) trying to drain it. After a little irritation, it seems the problem might not be the carbs at all, but is more likely to be this the fuel valve/strainer:

On the menu today:
*Get new oil and filter for motorcycle
*purchase spark plug socket
*set up air tank in garage
*take apart the little bastard above and clean it
*put it all back together
*hope it starts?

This is going to be slightly frustrating because I don't really know exactly what I'm doing when I'm working on a motorcycle. It's not an MG, that's for sure. I am making pretty good guesses at best on that anyway.

Next post: "Adam and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"
(if cleaning the valve works, not only did I get this bike for an amazing price, but I have another example of how mechanics are not my friends.)


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