Friday, August 24, 2007

The Newness

It's my bike. An 1982 Honda CB650. Space to take photos was a little cramped. More to come:

The project with this is going to be rebuilding the Carbs. The bike won't run until I do that, so I'm ordering new gasket sets today, and following the directions in a book with meticulous precision and care. CARBS:

Homie-Matt is also thinking of getting a bike, and Professa Jess's got his rides, so I'm thinking its time to form a gang. Of poets. On motorcycles. I believe Jess's response to this idea was "Great. We can ride around and hurl metaphor at each other." Yes.


Meanwhile, my freshman comp class seems like a decent bunch. I don't know them too well yet, but I've got a dog in my class. He's a helper dog for one of the students--7 year old black lab. Good dog. And the room's pretty cramped, so the student is right near my desk and the dog is sitting like 3 feet from me. I wonder if the feeling is the same as when you're a kid and there's a class-pet (like a hamster or armadillo or something in a small cage in the back of the room). I don't know. Never had class pets.

Stay tuned for the Great Carb-rebuild!


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