Friday, August 24, 2007

Carr Series for 2007/08

Behold! The reading schedule for the Carr Series at UIUC:

Fall '07
9/13 - Emily Raboteau
9/27 - Natasha Tretheway (Pulitzer 'n stuff)
10/15 - Susan Power
11/05 - Roy Kesey (of Ninth Letter fame)
11/07 - Katherine Min

Spring '08
2/13 - Mark Costello (no relation to Elvis)
3/03 - Mariko Nagai
4/03 - Patrick Rosal
4/11 - David Foster Wallace

All of this happens at the Illini Union Bookstore at 4:30pm of that day.

I could have linked over to the schedule on the MFA website, but I know you don't like to run too much...unless you're Amy Guth.

If you're in the neighborhood and come in for a reading, I'll drink with you. It's winter and you can't afford a hotel and drive a car that gets as drafty as mine, I'll give you a piece of furniture to pass out on in my cozy little studio.


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