Tuesday, August 28, 2007

6 Hours and 15 Minutes Later

Totally tackled the carbs today. Highlights:

Started by removing the seals to the head. The little yellow thing is the plug to eliminate the pesky vacuum advance.

A lovely void...and now you have part of my license plate number.

This s when i was just starting. Notice how dirty the lower halves of the float bowls are.

I was trying to shoot the grit on the jet needle cover here from the third carb, but instead you can see how much cleaner the first two are. All metal parts that weren't to be totally replaced from the rebuild kit were dunked in a cleaning solution for about 20 minutes each.

See, I'm a-scrubbin'.

Finally, this is how I left the beast at 8:30 or so with a battery charger on it. I went out for a little while (chill & return some videos), and when I came back, the charger was unplugged. I can only assume it was the person in the next spot, as their car was missing. I hope s/he doesn't unplug it when they get back tonight. Really, I hope they're not coming back tonight. Maybe they're staying out, getting some action.

I'll try to start it up tomorrow. I also have a theory on how to not replace that gas tank. It doesn't go with that body, but it looks kinda cool. More on that as it comes.

In po' news, my students knew nothing of MtvU's Ashbery-project. But they now know a good deal about Simic. Yes.



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