Saturday, August 18, 2007

On The Menu

In case you've heard otherwise, breakfast is still the most important meal of MY day:

(that's two free-ranged eggs up, local-farmed goat cheese, homemade hummus, bread from the bakery, organic grapes, and 8OclockInTheMorning coffee).

Meanwhile, we've been busy around the building. I'm no longer the only MFA in my office space, so all the PhDs are gonna be on their toes. I think we're going to start a Typewriter Quartet, kinda like this magical group right here...

But the Ninth Letter office is sparkling. Spent 8 hours in there yesterday. Has anyone read the latest Quarterly West yet (the one with poems by Adam Clay, among many other awesomes)? Pretty wild. I should have held that one up, but the last 9L was pretty great too. And I've never believed in a t-shirt more than the one I'm wearing. In the sonic-abyss that is any kind of "club scene" in Chambana, IL, indeed, DJ Fresh One Saved My Life. This places needs a Bar Dynamite.

Slung in the hammock today, I'm reading the rest of Dean Young's Skid & Alex Lemon's Mosquito as well as a new poem by one of my wonderful new peers.


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