Monday, August 20, 2007

10 Years of Driving the 1972 MGB

I post pictures of different parts of my car all the time, but it was 10 years ago today my driver's license became valid.
Here we are at the East Meadow High School parking lot in 1997:

And we stopped together in Arizona on our way to San Diego in 2003:

If you find a cupcake lying around, pretend it's for the anniversary of my long standing relationship with driving my MG.

Other people born today that make me feel cool: H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Plant, & Issac Hayes.

POEMS! by Pedro Pietri.

Telephone Booth Number 301

when I was very young
I used to have a many
imaginary girlfriends
now that I am an adult
I miss them very much

Telephone Booth Number 898 1/2

if you are
unable to erase it
it means that you
have not written down
anything to erase
& don't have to fear
being quoted just
when you are about
to contradict what
you didn't write down

Telephone Booth number 32439

if you hit a poet
& he doesn't hit you back
leave town immediately
take out life insurance
get a new identity
unite with transvestites
sleep with unlisted numbers.

If anyone knows were there's a book length collection of Pietri's Telephone Booth poems, I'd love to know.


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