Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It started.
I ran down there around 6 this morning--couldn't really sleep. I got it cranking, then it back-fired louder than a shotgun, so I promptly got out of there before someone in an upstairs apartment called a cop.

I went back to it this afternoon, and I had it running for a good little while, but only with the chock out a bit and leaning on the throttle a touch. My initial impulse to keep monkeying with it has been kinda squelched by the very real fact that some of the tuning instructions in the book I'm looking at are very unclear with lousy photographs. Plus it keeps mentioning "special tools" that I don't have, and am not in a position to buy. Besides, don't you think I'm cramming enough stuff in that tiny space?

The good people down at the local bike shop said they can tune it up for about $40. So, I'll let them take it on Monday. There's one voice in my head saying "Dude, just save yourself a few bucks and do it yourself" but I'd rather listen to the voice that's saying "If you keep messing with it, guessing exactly what to do next, you're gonna break it." He's right. That guy in my head, he's pretty sharp.


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