Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Moving Day!

In case anyone was worried, Kornell is safely moved into his new spot. However, I fear there could be an avalanche at any moment as I've never unpacked a truck so full-to-the-brims.

Today's the day I move into my studio. I like to think it's my own little private room at a colony...though I've yet to go to a colony. The day is over when the hammock goes up.

Have you read Barn Owl Review's blog yet?

This just in: I'm in the market for a Vespa with a sidecar. If any of you have one that you're itchin' to get rid of, lemme know! It's like this.

Update: I'm in. My feet hurt, and the hammock isn't up. But that's for tomorrow I guess. Also have to pick up some of the same non-sense that has to get picked up every damn time a new spot is moved into.

Meanwhile, the move was entertaining as Lillian told me Simic is the new Poet Laureate (won the Wallace Stevens $100Large, etc, to which Russ responded, "Isn't he that guy who wrote that one book and then wrote it again and again like 18 more times?"

"Yup. That's the guy," and I'll defend the man with gusto. GUSTO!



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