Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It's that time of year again: whole bunch of new faces in the department, and I have to pound away at my syllabus, figure out what in the texts will keep me engaged. How many poems will I expose my Comp class to just to keep the whole thing nice and spicy? (there's no way I'm not going to ask them to read some journals. Maybe the last OPEN CITY with Prose by Poets.

Speaking of journals, a couple of poems I wrote are going to be in an upcoming issue of Caffeine Destiny. If you go there now, you'll see pretty hot work by Mary B, John Gallaher, and a bunch of others who can't be overlooked.

And speaking of things that can't be overlooked, while people are getting all Orientated, it's getting to the season where I live in the English Building again. If only I could find that Vespa (with or w/o a side car) or any decent bike--not ...cycle, but with an engine--so I can enjoy what's left of the driving-season. Really, there are two months or so left, but I want something new to work on, photograph, and post so, in the event you need to know, you can always look over here for mechanical tips.

Small older car tip: In really warm weather like this, if you have an electric choke on your carburetor, you'll idle smoother if you give a turn to the idle screw. The air's hot enough, and that electric choke is only doing what it wants to do when it's cold.

Last thing: I think I'm getting rid of my vinyl & turntable. Any DJs out there want some classic rock? If you want to cut it up like Still Life (download Unfadeable now!), I'll have you covered.


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