Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Morning Comics

Here's a copy of today's Get Fuzzy. If you're not familiar with it, Bucky (the cat) is a jerk, Satchel (the Lab/Shar Pei) is very kind and not so smart, and both are Rob's (the guy) pets. Dig (you might have to click on it to get it big enough to read it):

And to follow that up, here's a poem found in Painted Bride Quarterly #76

by Thomas Devaney


You know all those sonnets the ones where I said, “I love you,” well
This time, I mean it, this time I’m talking about
Your curly hair soaked black from October’s frozen rain.
You reading Milton and eating a BLT.
Our up-front lies about being vegetarians,
(Milton’s, “I can not praise a cloistered virtue”).
More really, all those times we never kept meeting,
Till we finally never met—giving up,
Till bacon, Milton and the rain were all we had.
Admit now I never wrote you sonnets,
And that this probably isn’t a sonnet either,
Tho’ I’ll call it one, and loud skies pour down
To live on, back-of-the-brain with you,
Milton, bacon, your face in a year of rain.


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