Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kibbles & Bits

The Sleeping Giant Music Download page is chalk full of killer DJ sets, and summer is all about feelin' the breeze in ya groove. Still Life is my favorite!

In other news, I was a finalist for Bread Loaf, but I always check the box that says if I ain't waiting tables, I ain't going. There's only so much dough. But it's nice to get the complimentary "sorry." But Vermont is far, and I'm not trying to leave the house too much. Blessings in everything.

Speaking of writing and stuff, I've got an extra typewriter around this joint. It's a portable Olympia. Anyone want it? If you do, shoot over and e-mail. It'll cost a chunk to ship anywhere, but maybe if you'll be in Chicago at Printer's Row in a week or two, I'll just bring it and you can have it!


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