Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 10

Sandra Simonds was so encouraging, and doesn't want me to stop posting poem in April.  So here's a little something from her Warsaw Bikini from Bloof Books, one of my favorite presses in the whole wide world.

Parable That Takes Place in Little Nathaniel's Closet

Just when you throw up
your hands

and say "I'm really a horrible
person," there's an-

other selfsame self that
assures you you are in-

deed more horrible
than previously suspected.

How dis-

It follows, then, that hidden
in this haunted mansion

a nuisance ghost
dressed up as grandpapa

pecks out your sleep and just
when you recognize that it's you

this you has re-
ceded into the cedar splintered

closet of the flesh saying--
"you see you're worse than me."


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