Saturday, April 4, 2009

NaPoMo Day 4

I hope you're digging my selections so far.  It's giving me a chance to go through some books I haven't tackled in while.  For Saturday, here's a piece from Maurice Manning' s Bucolics.


I'm happy Boss happy as a bird
hopping on a branch just a little branch
on one of your little trees that's all
it takes for me to wage no deeds
just the day-in day-out same old thing
it's okay by me you keep the sun
on it's string that's all I need that's
enough for me but also water O
every breath I draw I make
a little picture Boss a little bird
with a whistle in its bones hopping
on a branch like there's no tomorrow
no end in sight you might even say 
every day is like the day before


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