Saturday, October 27, 2007

Transmission Mounts

Behold, the old ones (goopy things) and the new ones (sharp angles):

These are bolted to the transmission to t cushion the vibrations of the engine. When they get all mushy and squishy, my sense is that the transmission drops a bit, making it easier for the ND-30 oil to leak out the back. It's way easier to replace these things when there's not an overdrive transmission.

Lara thought I looked funny under the car, so she took the last photo before the batteries died in the camera.

It's getting cold on the gravel in the machine shed. I hope this will be done next Saturday. Meanwhile, I'm getting emails from a guy who googled "mg mechanic illinois." I hope I helped him. Assuming the rear main seal is good, the last thing we need to do it change the U-Joints on the propeller shaft. I'm having a hard time with it. Might just cut it in half with a hacksaw. I will totally take photos of that if I resort to it.

In other news, found my thought-lost copy of Janice Harrington's book in the pocket of a jacke that's been hanging the whole time in the closet. Now I'll finish it.

Roy Kesey is reading here on Nov. 5th. Come out for it. If you don't, I'll see you at Winter Wheat later in the week.


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