Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Morning

I was just having this conversation with Mr. Xiantu last week, and now I find an article about vinyl. It's at Wired over here. Apparently a lot of Djs are just straight digital now, so I don't know how much stock I can put into the report. Whole thing makes me re-visit ideas of car record players, which I know is a horrible idea but could look so cool. It would seem that DJs keep vinyl around same as I keep typewriters around: don't NEED it, but it's fun to use from time to time.

I know have the urge to set up two turntables with a copy of the OED in the middle. Pictures to follow if I make it happen.

Apparently coffee only comes in "small" in Korea. This is a report I trust. For more details, YoYo SoKo! Yes.

Good Morning Everybody!


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