Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Here, but If I Was In San Diego Tonight...

...I'd be here:

If you happen to teach Composition, play the Summer Mix 2007 for your class to help along a lively conversation about the over-lap/fusion of seemingly different genre's, the use of source material (samples) and how the DJ manipulates the work of others for his own purposes, eventually leading to a debate over ownership of ideas (musical and otherwise). (Maybe we can discuss this further in New York in late-January. But I'll have to let you know about that later.)

In an unrelated story, 28 Weeks Later: Not as good as the first one, but worth the rental.

AND there's all sorts of new stuff over on the Ninth Letter blog, and on the site we've got a new podcast with Richard Powers and a new Featured Artist. Not to mention Susan Power reads at the Illini Union Bookstore today at 4:30. See you there.


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