Saturday, October 13, 2007

If Not One Thing, Another

The giant 1 5/16" bolt of last week has been removed, prompting the flow of the ND-30 from the back of the transmission--Kinda looks like honey.

Of course, now there's this giant seal that doesn't wanna come out. I tried a bent screw driver, pliers in various positions, all that stuff. Checked the ol' manual which told me to "use an extractor"--yes, friends, there's a tool that is used ONLY to extract the rear main seal. It's a whole $3--" or prissy it out." "Prissy," like "fussily or excessively respectable" or "overadorned with details such as ruffles and bows."

Alas. I could not "prissy" the seal from the housing. Maybe if I'd brought Christine's knitting needles or a tea set with some biscuits.... Oh well. Will tackle it properly next week, complete with the new transmission mounts.

Meanwhile, yet another use for the disassembled L.C. Smith typewriter from a few weeks ago:

Yes. Crock-pot handle. See, I got it from Davenport without one, and haven't picked up a proper replacement yet. But it looks neat, no? That's a corned beef and some kraut simmering away. Gonna have it for dinner with a fresh loaf of Rye of the bakery down the street. I needed some meat. I was gonna write a poem starring the wonderful foods covered by the word "meat," but Knox beat me to it with her poem "59 Tenets about Meat," which you can read by picking up her book from Bloof, or get over to Forklife, Ohio to check out the original publication.

{and, of course you should order a copy AND go read it in the journal so that you're reading a great book, supporting a kick-ass new press, while also checking out a pretty cool publication; further, the slightly different experiences in reading with the two different margin settings, and small yet interesting differences.}

So, my new poems about meat will have to wait. Maybe the poems I already have about meat will show up somewhere for you to see. But, honestly, when is a poem about meat really about meat?


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