Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's All Coming Together

Ok. That brass plate of last weeks' fame, I have come to believe, is actually the bearing. If it's not, it's some kind of crazy part that isn't in the manual or parts catalog. that means that the rear main seal that should be there to replace was actually gone, or--more likely, I think--was not installed the last time some jerk was messing with this baby.

We'll, it's all together now:

I gave it a little of the ol' squeeze while Lara held the other socket on the front bolt:

(Doesn't she look all happy, her personal mechanic near by?)

Figured i was done. Thought it would be a quick job to change a Universal-joint or two. Of course not. I pounded away at this think like I was on the chain gang. Lara wanted to head back to town, and I knew the transmission mounts would be waiting at my place in the mail, which means we're going back next week anyway. After the firm beating, I soaked the thing in WD-40. Gonna let it sit to think about what it's done for a while.

Just so you know, I do all this car work in exchange for sandwiches and/or scotch.
Good news will soon follow. Have you been aware of Breast Cancer this month? If not enough, go chill with the Guth.


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