Saturday, October 6, 2007

Missed it by 1 and 5/16 inches

I was really hoping to get Lara's 1975 MGB up and running today. So much work. Here's how it happened:
Once we got the driveshaft out, we've got this bolt:

that's a 1 and 5/16", and no exactly standard in the craftsman kit that's to always be kept in the car. So what do we do? Send Lara to the store to go get one. Only took two adapters to hold it to the 3/8 ratchet:

Funny part is, once you get it on there, slap the transmission in gear, and try to loosen it up, a bolt (exactly the same size) on the front of the engine starts spinning. Can't really stop it, unless of course you have another giant socket. Because the transmission mounts are shot, we'll wait for those to come in, and get back to the rear main seal of the transmission in a week.

Meanwhile, the float bowl at the end of the fuel sending until was fucked:

All full of gas. Kinda useless. So, we replaced that whole thing:

This car also had a Delco-Remy alternator installed at some point:

Also had this lovely little regulator that one needs when putting parts in the car that don't be long there:

Got that out, put the new one in. Took the photo while I had it lashed up to get to the bolts on the bottom:

On the way back to civilization, we tried to race a train to the crossing, but it beat us:

(I wasn't driving...not saying; just saying....)

Before all that action, got a few fresh submissions out. Came hope to a few things from applications. Glad to know my stuff gets there. Hope someone hires me.


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