Sunday, November 4, 2007

Taking Saturday and Running

As it happens, a hacksaw will do little more than move the grease around on a U-joint. Pretty discouraging.  Further, the keys for the car were left in a purse in an apartment in campus.  

Now, I don't like to quit, especially on something mechanical, but if the '75 MGB doesn't do what it's supposed to when I get this thing back in, I've got to back off and put it in the hands of the pros.  As much as I avoid mechanics, it's nice to have one in town I know I can trust when the job just gets to be too much.  Besides, it ain't my car.

But at least the chickens were out at the farm yesterday. Ain't they cute?


I spend a lot of time working on cars that aren't mine.  I think I'm gonna knock that off for a while.  

If I could, I'd be at this event:

Did you remember to set your clocks back?


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