Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Again

If you look closely, you can see there's snow on the roofs and a little in the grass.  It all melted an hour or two later, but it's the first I've seen all year.  That's Dr. Ken's back yard. 

Spent the weekend mostly eating thanksgivingy foods, watching reruns of shows on various cable marathons (got in like a year's worth of tv!), and watched a couple of Bond flicks.  You Only Live Twice is one of my favorites.  Most the weekend, I had this little back cocker spaniel eyeing me; apparently, I was in his seat most of of the time.  So, we put a silly hat on him:

He kicked it off shortly after the photograph. 

Eduardo posted up this link.  Good cause; fun game.  Don't know why they can't just send a whole bunch of rice, but whatever.  I didn't read the mission statement yet.

In other news, David Cross should just become Allen Ginsberg.  And Kate Blanchett might want to consider a life as a younger lime-lit Dylan. Saw it.  See it.
I like being back in my apartment.  And, make no mistake, I am thankful for it, and for my percolator.  I've been drinking mud from a little 4 cup drip thing for the last few days, and that's just plain silly.  

Excuse me while I grind....


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