Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cats Everywhere

After I quoted Hipolito (el gato), Lil' sent me this picture of him in the closet.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: dude's got really short legs.  

Meanwhile, Kdub has done it again over on her new blog.  She makes me look at my arms and legs and consider a career change.  The details are over there.

There's a new addition to my window sil.  A real, genuine healthy aloe plant.  It's healthy for now.  If it dies, I'm blaming Ted's cat who knocked it over twice in as many days.  He's kind of a jerk some times.  The cat.  Jack.  

I'm heading to Winter Wheat tomorrow via a very fast car.  But I'm gonna take my time.  When I get there, I'm chilling with the Gary M[a]c.  He's know what I'm saying.  If you won't be there,  but you're in New York, click over to Bloof for details on the party where everything's happening.

I think I'm using this book next semester in the section I'm teaching.  Has anyone used this in a non-workshop class?  I know a few people who read this blog teach, so don't squirm out.


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