Monday, November 12, 2007

Return from Winter Wheat

It's a fact: Mary and I DO have the same camera:

The thing about the Winter Wheat Book Fair is that it's not very big.  But who doesn't know the old "How many lit mags does it take to make a fair" bit?  This year it was us, RHINO, MAR, Wick, Hobart and the event table where they were selling books by those giving readings at the conference.  There is  banter.  There is Russ with his feet up, and Mary applying lotion hourly.  In the second half of the day, she gets a little loopy:

The talk I gave went fairly well, if the measure of a good talk is having everyone stay for the entire thing, and we fill the entire time with on-point discussion.  At the least, I learned a few things, what it feels like to give a talk (much like teaching) and a little about the Haibun.  Definitely interesting.  Like I told the writers who showed up for the talk, if nothing else they learned about how a car works a little better.  

When in Bowling Green, do hit the town; if possible, in the company of NEO MFA folks including Mary and Sara, and don't go anywhere without Aaron from Hobart.  He assured me that when my run with Ninth Letter comes to an end this summer, I could take up working for Hobart AND get the same salary he pays himself--which means I'd owe him a thousand bucks.  We'll work out the details at the Fixx in February.  Or AWP in January.  Whatever.  Dude knows all the official rules to shuffle board.  He and NEO MFA's Frank beat out Russ and Eric.

Meanwhile, real-life conversation with people usually only on blogs and emails is neat.

Though not more photos were taken, there were other good people, including Mr. Sean Thomas Dougherty who's been busy doing readings like crazy.  Not only do I love his book, but he's a super nice guy.  High energy and a whole lotta honesty in his conversations.  

I love these things: change of scene, good company, exposure to new work.  Here's hoping the next job somehow keeps me in literary publishing. I was at Mary's talk.  I got the bullet points covered and everything.  

In an unrelated story, I feel like I got punched in the jaw--this might partially because I watched the Godfather last night, but I doubt it (In which, I couldn't help but notice, a baby is crying very loudly only in scenes where Vito's successor is present--when all the son's are with Vito when he returns from the hospital, in Sonny's apartment, and when he gets the call from Connie just before getting killed at the toll booth; the last crying baby is when Michael is at the baptism.  It seems to be a symbol for the instability of the family in the absence of Vito as head.  ANYWAY!  I think my body has a negative response to driving weak rental cars for an extended period of time.  My whole body is on the sore side for no good reason.  I think I get to take this week off from any major car or motorcycle work.  

Plans for the week include the VOICE reading and guests from SIUE
Welcome home.


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