Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'll tell you one thing...

The Far Side comics of the first half of 1991 are extra thick-n-rich in their consistency of hilarity.  I've got half a mind to track down Gary Larson and give him a hug.  Or invite him to breakfast with Russell Edson and sit back while the Universe explodes into a more obvious splendid wonder.  Rye toast, please.


As you might be aware, I gave a little talk at Winter Wheat last week about the mechanical aspects of poems--mechanical as in literally, as in small pieces making an engine and internal combustion, etc.  If you're a regular reader here, you might have figure out that that is how I think.  ANYWAY, the sharp Michele Yanga was in attendance and talked to me about the Haibun form.  Very interesting (and, frankly, exactly what I kinda want all prose poems to be, at least my own, as far as the expansion of perception that a haiku hopefully achieves only in a much larger space).  Anyway, the form is on display over at Simply Haiku.  Michele has her own vision of one Haibun up there.  I'm super interested.

Oh. Oh.
Katie has a book coming out on So New!  Amy Guth is the editor.  I don't think I have to remind you how much I like the people over at So New Media, simply for maximizing what postage allows.  If I do, it's right here.

I broke a promise to myself this week; said I wasn't going to work on any car.  Ended up replacing a dude's serpentine belt on his 2001 Saturn.  Man, oh man.  May I find employment in a place affordable enough to invest in a living space with a garage.  Do you think I haven't thought about getting another motorcycle and putting outside the bathroom door of my studio apartment?  


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