Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cleaned Up

As much as I loved it, it's nice to get the gutted typewriter out of my place.  The carcass has been sent to Juan in Chicago.  I really hope he makes something cool.  He's got everything except the keys, which are up on ebay, and the dude in my bathroom.

Upon the sale of linked keys, I will be getting my copy of For Girls & Others.

Cleared off the surface of the trunk, but had to fill it with something, so the easel is finally setup in the studio:

I'm not saying I'm a good painter.  But it's a meditation I often forget I love.  (that's the corner of my studio.  See, it's like you're right here with me.)

I started into something last night that I think is an Ode.  So, I started looking at a lot of scattered stuff in the file that isn't my manuscript, and I think a lot of them are fighting to be Odes.  Hence the Odes to Common Things on the ground.  

In the same few minutes I was realizing the Ode-thing, it dawned on me that Black Pool Chalk would be a great idea (so that if you're in black pants, you don't get white or blue chalk on them).  Luckily, someone's had this idea, and they use ebay also.  


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