Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coming Together

We started with this: 

And all these things: 

Jesse Noah and I worked for a good 5 hours on the Vespa yesterday:

Alas, the engine is now in one piece.  Let's hear it for the rubber mallet.  The next phase is to add tension to all the cables so the brakes and shifting work.  Lots of parts are coming in the mail this week, so that's what's happening.

Working on things like this kinda hurts.  The knees.  I walked out of that work yesterday feeling way more rickety than I think I should.  

Speaking of everything coming together, dig the Bloof Tour.  They're here a week from today.  Basement of Murphy's.  You gonna be there?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Neat Stuff

Who says nothing cool happens around here?  Check out the new stretchy circuits.

Engadget is also pretty great with solar stuff.  Look at this, and also this.  

And TED.Com has this new one.  

I'm a bit of a science geek in my heart.  In reality I am tinkering with a 2-stroke engine

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Editing Process

While editing the manuscript, cutting a bunch of poems entirely (kill babies, sometimes), I flipped the moped, so it's gone.  I just couldn't give it the love it needed while the Vespa is still in pieces.  Had to go.  When aren't we living in metaphor?  

I also dug a few books from my car's trunk the other day.
Here's a poem from The Country of a Thousand Years of Peace, by James Merrill. 

The Lovers

They met in loving like the hands of one
Who having worked six days with creature and plant
Washes his hands before the evening meal.
Reflected in a basin out-of-doors
The golden sky receives his hands beneath
Its coldly wishing surface, washing them

Of all all perhaps but what of one another
EAch with its five felt perceptions holds:
A limber warmth, fitness of palm and nail
So long articulate in his mind before
Plunged into happening, that all the while
Water laps and loves the stirring hands

His eye has leisure for the young fruit-trees
And lowing beast secure, since night is near,
Pasture, lights of a distant town, and sky
Molten, atilt, strewn on new water, sky
In which for the last fact he dips his face
And lifts it glistening: what dark distinct

Reflections of his features upon gold!
--Except for when each slow slight water-drop
He sensed on chin and nose accumulate,
Each tiny world of sky reversed and branches,
Fell with its pure wealth to mar the image:
World after world fallen into the sky

And still so much world left when, by the fire
With fingers clasped, he set in revolution
Certitude and change like strong slow thumbs; 
Or read from an illuminated page
Of harvest, flood, motherhood, mystery:
These waited, and would issue from his hands.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Think I Have A Problem

Did you know a Peugeot can fit in the back of an MGB?

It also fits in the elevator, and in the studio.:

I'm not loaded or anything.  I got this for the $17 dollars in my wallet.  One of those "if you can get it out of here, you can have it" things.  Apparently this thing gets 108 miles per gallon when running.  This brings me up to 4 vehicles.  Once the Vespa book shows up, I'll fix that.  This will sit on the back burner for a minute. 

I hear there are support groups for people like this.  Here's the one we used to go to.   

Something tells me I won't be hanging on to this.  There is a they say.  

I think it's time to pull the thesis from the drawer and do one last tweak before it goes in.  Yup.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just So You Know

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Politics of the Beat

In 2008, I'm Voting for SGM!

They asked so nicely, so I'm passing it on to you. Check 'em out, plus the new Fresh One Mix (which is playing as we speak in my humble abode).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The New Baby's Home

Ain't she cute?

Of course there weren't any vans available to rent because of Spring Break stuff, and Uhaul wants like 59 cents a mile. Eff that noise. So, how do you fit a Vespa into the back of a "full size" sedan? ROPE!

Turns out, Matt was a cub scout or some such. Maybe he just ate bear cubs as a kid. I'm not sure. But he tied that baby in there. I think he tied it so tight that we messed up the bounciness of the trunk. But that might be better for the next renter....

So, now all the kids are sitting in the space, getting to know each other:

The MG is happy with the new kid. The Honda's probably going to pout for a while. They're going to tell each other stories about their lives by the droplight's glow. It's like a little mechanical slumber party in the garage.

I'm going to have to rebuild the engine, because the previous owner took it apart a bunch for not good reason. Now I have to learn how to do that.

Monday, March 17, 2008

D. Delgago...and MAYHEM!

She's got new poems up at Perihelion....


Also dig former 9L Contributor Lytton Smith.

Do you feel that? the latest mysterious post card reads:

Devant une facade rose,
Sur le marbre d'un escalier.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Davenport Day

Wish him a happy over on his myspace. Really wanna show him love? Pick up his book, then send him fan mail. He's how ever old Badass happens to be....I don't have any cute links to anything pseudo-badass.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I don't know if it was the fact that it's breaking into the 50s, or because the lady at the parking dept said that my fall motorcycle permit will now be honored until June 30th, or maybe it's because I felt so damn funky after eating Chic Filet yesterday...but I was moved to pass the afternoon reading, writing, painting and watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Maybe it's because I'm reading wonderful student papers about themes in
this big fake world. Maybe it's all just excitement because we start Drunk by Noon in my class today.

Meanwhile, it's Jack's birthday.

Here's a poem from the Book of Blues, the "Orlanda Blues" series:

20th Chorus

 Jazz killed itself
 But dont let poetry kill itself
Dont be afraid
 of the cold night air

Dont listen to instructions
When you return manuscripts to
dont bow & scuffle
   for Edith Wharton pioneers
or ursula major nebraska prose
just hang in your own backyard
    & laugh play pretty
     cake trombone
& if somebody gives you beads
 juju, jew, or otherwise,
sleep with em around your neck
Your dreams'll maybe better

  There's no rain,
    there's no me,
   I'm telling ya man
    sure as shit

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't forget...

Happy birthday to the late Douglas Adams.

You can download the old game here.

Anyone wanna come listen to the radio show?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A few quick things

New Tinysides up on Big Game. Stay tune for #47....

Lillian's watchful eye sees all. Check her out over on her flickr page.

And in my dad's back yard, the MG parts are burrowing out from under the shed:

It's like the Great Escape, only with car parts. That bumper happens to go by the name McQueen.

Meanwhile, someone's sending me mysterious postcards from the Chicago-land with tender song lyrics. A little piece of me thinks it's the head of a major University. Some places send AA/EEO cards...but not this one. Or it might just be Boy Elroy. Whoever, thanks!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Best American Knox

Jennifer L. Knox is blogging over at Best American Poetry.

Following the links.
And don't miss her reading with the other Bloofettes in the basement of Murphy's Pub on April 6th at 4pm.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

By the By

If you happen to come by a triumph with a side car, or maybe a beat up Vespa, let me know. I'm looking for projects that'll fit in my parking space.

Of course, these are the last things needed. Just an idea. If, say, you've got a garage you haven't gotten all the way to the back of in the last 25 years. There happens to be an unexpectedly decent probability that exactly what I'm itching for is there.

I've decided I'm not going to post a lot of food any more. It's clear that I'm into cooking eggs and assorted pastas and meats, but they're all fairly simple. You know how to make this stuff too. You probably do. Here's what I'm thinking: if I make something exceptionally tasty, I'll put it up, but I'll also pass on the recipe. Mom wants me to keep the brisket a secret, but, one of these days, I'm going to share it. Because I love you and think you should eat wonderful brisket.

Stay tuned for meatballs. I've been experimenting.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

...On a Sunday Afternoon

Pesky petcock problem? Solved. Turns out a petcock from a late 90s model Rebel will fit the threads on a 1979 - 82 cb650. This is not common knowledge, but a discovery made via digital calipers and frustrated motorcycle mechanics. Only thing is, I have swivel it a bit, and use the polyurethane type of fuel line, which is way thinner and more flexible, as well as cooler looking:

I'm sure there are advantages to seeing the flow of the gasoline through the system. Maybe, one day, I'll use this stuff throughout the MG. File that under "Projects Not Getting Done Today."

After some frustration and plug cleaning--if the bike's been sitting for months, chances are condensation within the engine will cause a moist oily build-up on the ends of the spark plugs--she started right up. Warmed and rumbled for about 10 minutes. I gradually lowered the manual choke, and we did 10 miles on some open road to clean out all the sitting around. I wanted to share a photo of it outside:

When the motorcycle's outside, you know it's business time.

Now I just have to remember to start it up every few days. It's going to get cold again, for at least another few weeks. Plenty of time to keep some fingers crossed for the warmer-climate jobs I've applied for. I'm not saying I need it, but I know that warmer weather--specifically driving either the bike or the B in warmer weather--definitely feels healthier than cold.

Anyone wanna cover over and watch Shaolin Soccer?

Bring it

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