Sunday, March 2, 2008

...On a Sunday Afternoon

Pesky petcock problem? Solved. Turns out a petcock from a late 90s model Rebel will fit the threads on a 1979 - 82 cb650. This is not common knowledge, but a discovery made via digital calipers and frustrated motorcycle mechanics. Only thing is, I have swivel it a bit, and use the polyurethane type of fuel line, which is way thinner and more flexible, as well as cooler looking:

I'm sure there are advantages to seeing the flow of the gasoline through the system. Maybe, one day, I'll use this stuff throughout the MG. File that under "Projects Not Getting Done Today."

After some frustration and plug cleaning--if the bike's been sitting for months, chances are condensation within the engine will cause a moist oily build-up on the ends of the spark plugs--she started right up. Warmed and rumbled for about 10 minutes. I gradually lowered the manual choke, and we did 10 miles on some open road to clean out all the sitting around. I wanted to share a photo of it outside:

When the motorcycle's outside, you know it's business time.

Now I just have to remember to start it up every few days. It's going to get cold again, for at least another few weeks. Plenty of time to keep some fingers crossed for the warmer-climate jobs I've applied for. I'm not saying I need it, but I know that warmer weather--specifically driving either the bike or the B in warmer weather--definitely feels healthier than cold.

Anyone wanna cover over and watch Shaolin Soccer?


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