Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The New Baby's Home

Ain't she cute?

Of course there weren't any vans available to rent because of Spring Break stuff, and Uhaul wants like 59 cents a mile. Eff that noise. So, how do you fit a Vespa into the back of a "full size" sedan? ROPE!

Turns out, Matt was a cub scout or some such. Maybe he just ate bear cubs as a kid. I'm not sure. But he tied that baby in there. I think he tied it so tight that we messed up the bounciness of the trunk. But that might be better for the next renter....

So, now all the kids are sitting in the space, getting to know each other:

The MG is happy with the new kid. The Honda's probably going to pout for a while. They're going to tell each other stories about their lives by the droplight's glow. It's like a little mechanical slumber party in the garage.

I'm going to have to rebuild the engine, because the previous owner took it apart a bunch for not good reason. Now I have to learn how to do that.


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