Sunday, July 22, 2007

And Now, Back to Poems

Finished the Harry Potter book--sorry Greg...and Potter doesn't get a little linkidy-link. I didn't expect it to take a day and a half (I don't read that fast), but I stepped up the pace so I could lend it to Christine before she goes to her new 9 to 5 tomorrow. I liked it--found half of the vocabs words I've been using while tutoring for the last month. Potter was no Necroscope, but I've enjoyed the read...

...ONLY not nearly as much as Holliday!

Who knows what to expect from this wonderful woman? And Big Game Books puts together a sexy item:

As if the hand-made goodness was enough, they also toss in a book mark--and that makes me happy (SoNew knows what I'm saying). Bookmarks are a'ight. Stickers are pretty dope. But when Bloof drops Knox's next book, in October., I'm on the make for my Drunk by Noon Lunch box w/ thermos, complete with the Charles Browning art and everything.

(I'm also trying to have a killer football jersey made. More on that as the season draws near!)

And speaking of high hopes, will my apartment be ready for me to move in no later than August 2nd? Only the shadows know....


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