Monday, July 2, 2007

46 Years Ago Today...

...Hemingway offed himself. After shock treatments ruined his ability to read and write, he supposedly said to one of his doctors, "If I can't exist on my own terms, then existence is impossible."

Just thought that was worth a share--if you don't read/hear the Writer's Almanac. Think I'll read one of the Nick Adams stories today.

This brings me to the fact that I've been thinking about getting a cat. I'm not a huge fan of traveling, and when I do, I'm never really gone for more than a couple of days and I've come to learn that a cat can go a few days without needing me around. Kinda like a plant. But fuzzy, and more agile.
I think I'd like a Hemingway cat with the extra toe--believe to have good sea-legs by British sailors back in the day (so the internet tells me):

Aren't they something? Genetics & cat toes? I have to wait about a month when I move into my studio, if I'm actually going to get a cat. I have time to mull this over.

The other point on the agenda is the Printers' Ball. Sounds like a happening. Anyone go the last two years? Is it a good time? Worth a little drive? 'Cuz I'll ball, baby.


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