Friday, January 11, 2008

Learning A Thing or Three

I love reading interviews with writers I love who aren't jerks. Jennifer Knox, as usual, is way sharper, honest and deep in this interview at BookSlut than some people can handle when they hear the title Drunk by Noon--which they should read but haven't yet. And EVERY TIME she's interviewed, I learn all kinds o' stuff.

So, I'm reading that. Then I'm gonna listen to the "Shake 'n Pop" set given to me by the warm soul, Mr. DJ Smudge. If you have myspace, be his friend. I think he's on the facebook too.

And don't look now, but Katie's got something to tell you about over at her blog.

And if you're a Law & Order junky (and who isn't once a tv with cable is around?), the Strike just gave us this:


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